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Take a deep breath, a step back, a look inside, a look outside. See where you are, Breathe. what is possible, Breathe. Get tools to help you travel from here to there.

Develop a mindset to enjoy the journey.


Mastery Workshop


The Mastery Foundation Workshop lays out the roadmap to mastery. We will explore the dynamics of our changing world and why being on the road to Mastery is essential to thrive. You learn about the Seven Elements found in the life of every Master and how to incorporate them into your life. You come away with a new lens through which to view your life; the tools to implement what you learn, and the community to support you on your way to Mastery. This workshop will accelerate your evolution and sustain your growth – regardless of where you are on the Mastery journey.


Why Mastery is now?

The five stages in the evolution of a Master.

The "Seven Elements" that you can weave into your life to make Mastery happen

Design your life to become a Master

Tools to support the Mastery journey

Mastery is new paradigm for living. The road to mastery gives us everything life has to offer. It is journey of personal discovery and growth. It's about developing and using skills and knowledge to make an impact the impact that is personally important to you. It is about effort and flow. It calls for you to show up - all of you. It's about continual renewal. It is about accomplishment. It's about mastery in your profession or in some other area of your life. In the process, you will be transformed; so will the world. 

This workshop is given by Stephen Milano-Graziani who authored of Hack Mastery, a book about...Mastery (no surprise there.)


“The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.”

– Fabienne Fredrickson

The Purpose Course

Purpose at work is a pathway to exceptional outcomes and personal fulfillment.

The design of this program is based on the latest learning practices to help you quickly gain the self-awareness, skills and insights you need to be a purpose-driven leader. You learn why Purpose has become driving force for the modern workforce. You will become a purpose-driven leaders and gain access to a source of energy that will enable you to have the impact on the world that you long to have, develop new and deeper relationships, and accelerate your personal growth. 

By the end of this course, you will have done deep work on your own purpose.


Understand your purpose drivers & leadership style

Develop and capture your powerful purpose story and statement

Create a personal development plan

To increase mastery of purpose

Begin the practice of owning your purpose

Activating purpose takes work and it takes time. This course will guide you through that work and give you the time you need. 

This course is held over four weeks, starting with a day-long on-site immersion and follow by three 90-minute virtual group sessions. 

This course is given by a Certified Purpose Coach. 


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"Purpose-driven leaders tap into a deep well of intrinsic motivation inside themselves and others."

– Aaron Hurst, Co-founder, Imperative, author of the Purpose Economy


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Turn Your Gig into Your Legacy

Temporary is the new permanent. Are you ready for it?

Getting the gig economy today will mean a world of difference tomorrow. Today 30% of the workforce is engaged in some form a temporary work; in 2025 it will be greater than 50%. This workshop does a deep dive into what it take to thrive in a world where every job is temporary. From the perspective of the independent worker, we will look at developing mindset, coping with uncertainty, isolation, and transience, navigating jobs to continue growth, the impact of choice, the power of purpose, routines and practices that promote career wellness.

This workshop incorporates the latest research on working in a non-traditional employment arrangements, insights from interviews with 100 new and veteran contingent workers, and the direct experience of Stephen Graziani, a contingent workforce expert.


Temporary is the New Permanent

Challenges and Opportunities We Will Face in New Economy

Strategies for Success

Getting the gig economy today will mean a world of difference tomorrow. Getting the gig economy today will mean a world of difference tomorrow.


"As organizations become increasingly global, multigenerational, networked and reliant on technology, nearly one-third of the U.S. workforce was made up of contingent -- as opposed to permanent -- workers in 2017."

 – Forbes

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