Mastery Workshops

Mastery Workshops gives you the roadmap to career success and fulfillment.

In these workshops, we explore the dynamics of our changing world and why being on the road to Mastery is imperative. We discuss why Mastery is essential in today's hyperconnected, complex and global economy. You come away with the tools and technology to support you on your way to Mastery in your chosen profession. You will discover immediate applications of these learnings to other areas of your life.

The workshops are full of stories about masters; some famous, some unknown, some impostors. You naturally reflect on your own your life and the path you have chosen. You might find surprising insights. In the end you will see your life through the eyes of a Master.


Sales Mastery Workshop

The Sales Mastery Workshop is for sales professional who love selling and are seeking true success (which extends far beyond making quota.) 

The sales profession is changing before our eyes. The convergence of automation, data analytics, the dis-integration of the selling process, team-based selling, and market hyper-specialization are redefining the role of the sales professional. New strategies are opening up, better tools available, engaged collaborators are ready, willing, and incentivized to contribute to your success.  

To succeed in this market, you will need to be continually growing and evolving. You will need to connect with you prospective customers quickly and effectively. You will need to build deeper and more nuanced relationships with your existing customers.  You will need be living the life of sales mastery. 

Here your whole self gets to play. 

What's your Purpose? What are you Mastering? What is the path to Mastery? How are you contributing to your clients? To your networks? What impact do you want to make on the world? How is that served by your work? Do you find meaning in the work you? Are you fulfilled? 

This workshop transcends traditional sales training to get to the source of power that accelerates and sustains sales performance. Here we look at performance as a function of Mastery, not tricks and tactics. Authentic success, lasting success is possible when you put your whole self into your craft.

We will show you how the Seven Elements create the alchemy of SUCCESS and FULFILLMENT. Once the sales profession, your career, and your life through the lens of a Master, you will begin to gravitate towards the Seven Elements. You will come to live the life of a Master and unleash your superpowers.  

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Recruiting Mastery Workshop

The Recruiting Mastery Workshop looks at the recruiting profession through the lens of Mastery. As we enter the next stage of the Talent Era, recruiting has become the most important ingredient in the success of an organization. The role of the recruiter's strategy and tactics are being redefined by the convergence of automation, data analytics, process disintegration, hyper-connectivity and hyper-specialization.

The Recruiting Mastery Workshop gives recruiters a significant advantage in the marketplace - in terms of their ability to recruit talent. It also prepares recruiters to thrive as freelance entrepreneurs. The Recruiting Mastery Workshop transcends traditional recruiting training. You will come away with a new approach to developing your skills and talent - you will be on your way to becoming a Master recruiter. 

Individual recruiters and entire recruiting teams in the US and India have attended this workshop.   



Leadership Mastery Workshop

Mastery for Leadership lays the groundwork for building and managing high performance organizations.

Organizational Leadership is changing before our eyes. The convergence of automation, data analytics, process dis-integration, hyper-connectivity, and hyper-specialization are redefining the leadership role and the entire human capital management process.   

We are entering the next stage of the Talent Era. The new employee is really a "freelance entrepreneur" - regardless of whether they are a fulltime, W2 employee, a contractor through a staffing agency, or an independent contractor. Your most effective contributors are focused on becoming Masters at what they do. Most are on a self-guided path.

Are you prepared to build organizations that brings Mastery to life? Do you have the skills to empower your individual contributors to development Mastery and cultivate continued growth? Are you on a personal path of Mastery? 

This workshop is about enabling Mastery to thrive in your organization. It starts with understanding how Masters evolve and dives into a methodology that applies to any organization, in any field.