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Stephen Graziani

Founder | CEO | Consultant

Steve is an independent thinker and has advised many of the best companies in the industry. He oversees all client engagements, provides advisory services, and delivers Way to Mastery workshops. His industry experience includes leadership roles with staffing companies, managed service providers, and vendor management system companies. Steve has been referred to as the "Nietzsche of the staffing industry" because of the work he has done on collaboration and mastery.

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Tina Kwok

Chief Operating Officer

Tina oversees operations and administration for Workforce Matrix. She is a Certified Public Accountant. Her past experience includes being a regional CFO for an international advertising agency and owner of an acclaimed restaurant in San Francisco.

Tina's nickname is Euclid because of her extreme attention to detail and geometric precision. 

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Michael LoPreste

Consultant | New Account Acquisition

Michael helps our clients penetrate new accounts and open new markets. His team of telemarketers are expert appointment setters and door openers that augment the selling efforts of staffing CEOs and their sales teams. Michael's teams are the de facto inside sales organizations of Workforce Matrix clients. Unlike other companies providing outsourced sales support, Michael's teams are all senior sales executives based in the Boston area.

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Jason Corbett

Consultant | Recruiting

Jason provides recruiting training that focuses on skill development through role playing. His unique expertise is in bringing real-world scenarios into each practice session. He has more than 20 years of agency, contract, and fulltime recruiting experience with leading technology companies. His high energy and enthusiasm for all things recruiting empowers even the most timid apprentice.

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Joanne Bocci

Consultant | MSP/VMS

Joanne is an accomplished industry leader with 30+ years’ experience in contingent workforce management, technology solutions, and consulting. Joanne is an expert in building workforce management organizations with a track record for providing ROI-based solutions and services. Her up-to-date and intimate experience implementing and managing MSP programs across labor categories gives our clients meaningful insights and actionable strategies.

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Chris Egizi

Consultant | IT Staffing

Chris has a distinguished career in the staffing industry that spans 30+ years. He is a proven senior executive with a platinum track record in building and growing large sales organizations, along with overseeing M&A activities in private and publicly traded companies. He has personally closed 9-figure deals from a sales perspective and helped drive a 9-figure IPO. He brings a rigorous attention to process design and operational excellence. A former teacher, Chris' coaching style is warm, frank, and effective.