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Today's hyper-connected, independent, purpose-driven, and increasingly specialized workforce creates a new set of opportunities and challenges for staffing services companies of all types and sizes.

We empower organizational performance by bringing the distinctions of Mastery to business strategy, organizational design, workforce acquisition and development, and to every employee and contractor associated with our clients.


Chart Your Course

We help companies map the path forward that suits them best. We leverage decades of multi-dimensional staffing industry experience, proactive industry G2 efforts, and our Mastery based point of view to bring fresh and powerful guidance to companies with revenues less than $100M.  

Hire Your Team

We help companies staff key positions including sales, recruiting, program managers, team leaders, and executives. We use the distincitions embedded in our Mastery framework to identify and screen candidates.

Develop Your People

We help staffing-related companies build Mastery within theWorkforce Matrix brings the Way to Mastery work/life course and app to the staffing industry so that leaders, salespeople, and recruiters can become Masters of their professions. We offer performance coaching for business leaders and individual contributors to accelerate professional growth, seize opportunities, and transition to new roles. 

Grow Your Business

We help companies execute their business plans with hands-on support. We support sales teams (messaging, appointment setting, sales coaching, interim sales management, account strategy) and account delivery (recruiting process oversight, CRM/ATS set-up, scorecard/KPI tracking, workflow optimization, real-time prioritization, coaching).


    Our Programs


    Business Development

    Reaching the right clients with the right message is essential to every staffing company.


    When an IT staffing company chose to commit the MSP/VMS channel we helped them conceive and execute a go-to-market strategy that aligned with their core values. As a consultant, Stephen Graziani became the company's Strategic Advisor and the executive coach to the CEO. He is helping bring value to their customers, level-up the skills and capabilities of their sales and recruiting teams, and open new markets. The company has subsequently increased revenues 350%.    


    Recruiting Apprentice Program

    Recruiting performance is built from the ground up with a comprehensive learning and growth plan.


    When a $40M IT staffing company needed to grow its San Francisco-based recruiting and sales teams to meet increasing volume, we helped them build a new-hire apprentice program; including hiring, on-boarding, training, and management program enabled new hires to move quickly from the beginner to competent stage. Leveraging this successful, the company was sold at a premium to a national staffing firm. 

    Business Strategy Workshop

    Mastery is the best strategy a staffing company can have. 


    When an IT staffing company based in Silicon Valley recognized that revenue growth had stagnated, we helped them rethink their overall business strategy. Since completing the Way to Mastery workshop and coaching sessions, the owners have passionately developed their company culture, aligned their go-to-market strategy, aligned their new capabilities, and successfully entered the government market.


    Offshore Recruiting Launch

    Since 1999, we have helped staffing companies with operations in India.


    When a small IT staffing company wanted to establish an offshore recruiting center in India in 2005, Stephen Graziani led the effort in Bangalore, where he created the recruiting process, hired and trained the recruiting team, and launched the center. Within 6 months, the company moved all recruiting functions to the team in India. Within 4 years, the company's revenue grew 600% and they were sold to a national company. 


    Large Account Strategy

    "What the Best Do!" guidelines help staffing companies grow their MSP business.


    When a $300M IT staffing company wanted to expand their relationship with a Fortune 500 client, we helped them develop an account plan and operating processes based on our VMS account guidelines called “Working with an MSP / What the Best Do." These best practices were identified while managing the $200M IT contingent workforce program for the nation's largest non-profit healthcare provider.


    Recruiting Team Vitalization

    Recruiting Mastery is a way of life. It starts when you love what you do! 


    When an ERP staffing company needed to scale their recruiting organization to better support their sophisticated client base, we redefined their end-to-end recruiting process, retrained their recruiters, and created a detailed guide to recruiting best practices. The project included a five-day Mastery workshop for recruiters. Within a three-year period, the company's revenue has grown from $8M to $19M.