Mastery Tools


Our clients create environments that enable Mastery - driving customer value, employee satisfaction and retention, and corporate performance. Applying the Way to Mastery work/life course and app to the staffing industry, we help our clients bring Mastery to the c-suite, team leaders, sales, recruiting, on-site program staff, and internal operations.  

The Way to Mastery work/life course helps every team member on their professional path of Mastery - discovering passion for their work, developing essential skills and domain knowledge, building rich relationships, establishing foundation habits, embracing coaching and feedback, and experiencing the joy of a purpose-driven career. The Mastery culture that emerges creates extraordinary results for the individual throughout the company.

Way to Mastery services include: 

  • Workshops for staffing sales, recruiting, MSP, and leadership

  • Mastery App and Platform

  • Coaching for c-level executives, team leaders, and individual contributors

  • Mastery program design and implementation


Making Mastery

Vibrant, high-performance sales and recruiting organizations are made up of people who are on their way to Mastery. They excel at bringing joy to candidates, delight to clients, and relief to managed service program managers. We have charted the way to Mastery for staffing sales and recruiting from Beginner to Novice to Competent to Expert to Master. Our Mastery framework can be used by staff at every level in your organization to accelerate their progress and sustain their success. 


Sales Mastery

Customer intimacy is required to thrive in today's complex, competitive, and layered staffing market. Our sales and delivery model is built on the principles of one-to-one marketing, knowledge management, and the Way to Mastery to align people, processes, and technology to achieve extraordinary levels of performance. 


Mastery Platform

Our Mastery Platform is a toolbox designed to support people on their path to Mastery. It is built on the widely popular Trello app. The platform helps individuals plan, organize, track, and progress on their journey of learning and growth. Mastery teams can share their resources and progress to better support each other. The Platform can be implemented as a private workspace for your staffing company.


Book on Mastery

What if you devoted yourself to doing what you love? What if you could become extraordinary at it? What if your work could light you up with energy and give you deep satisfaction? What if you could live a life of continual learning, filled every day with exciting discoveries, gratification, and true success? Steve Graziani answers these questions in his book, Hack Mastery.  


Mastery Workshops

Way to Mastery workshops reveal the roadmap to Mastery and why everyone should care. These workshops give participants a new lens through which to view their life, an awareness and understanding of the Seven Elements of Mastery, and the tools to become a Master at what they do.