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Helping leaders get stuff done, inspire others, and grow and evolve.

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We help our clients 'get meaningful shit done!' 

Our clients are C-suite executives, team leaders, and individual contributors. They are leaders in start-ups, privately-held companies, and Fortune 5000 firms. Many are the people who power the Gig Economy - freelancers, independent contractors, and contingent workers as well as leaders within staffing companies, managed service providers, and human cloud technology companies.

Our clients make a positive impact on the world - through the work they do and the lives they lead. For most, work is a pathway to fulfillment. They seek knowledge, develop skills, and make connections. While they strive to make an impact, they are not defined by or attached to the results.

Our clients get "what is" and "what is possible." We help them travel the distance.

Use us to further your thinking, planning, building, leading, selling, persevering, and evolving. 


Executive Coaching

Life and career can be challenging. Our clients use our coaching to deepen their connection to their purpose, progress on their road to master what they do, accelerate their performance, and uncover pathways to fulfillment.  

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Team Performance

We help companies improve team performance in a way that enhances the value of the work for all. This means activating purpose, deepening collaboration, and building wisely. Our assessments, workshops, and team coaching help make this happen. . 

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Purpose and Mastery Workshops

When we know our purpose, we activate "our brain, our heart, and our hands" to fulfill that purpose. We are called to master what we do. Our workshops activate purpose and illuminate the way to mastery.. 

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Coaching for the Gig Economy

30% of the workforce today is contributing to the gig economy (soon to be 50%.) We leverage deep expertise of this domain to provide high impact, to-the-point coaching to the people that contribute to the gig economy. 

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Why we here?

For most of us, it boils down to three things - relationships, growth, and contribution.






We'd love to talk to you about what you are here to do.

*Initial Consultation is Free


Paying it forward.

We believe in our collective responsibility to care for each other. For us this means helping others where we can, one way or another.

For people who would benefit from top-flight executive coaching but don't have the means to afford our services, we offer need-based merit scholarships.

We get that life happens and that money can be tight (sometimes seemingly impossibly so). We don't want to the stop people from getting the support they need.

Scholarship funds can be used for: 

  • Executive Coaching

  • Purpose discovery and activation

  • The Mastery Intensive and Wireframe

  • Workshops

Our goal is simply to help people find their purpose, get on the path of mastery, maximize their performance, and know fulfillment.