Our Story 


“Our purpose is our true north. It pulls us towards it, whether we go willing or with resistance; whether we go sooner or later.”

Hack Mastery, Stephen Graziani

We built a company dedicated to helping people (AND THE COMPANIES THEY WORK FOR) BE extraordinary AT WHAT THEY DO.

In 2014, Workforce Matrix was founded to explore, explain, and empower Mastery in the world. We recognized that Masters share a common set of elements in their lives that we believed fueled their journey. 

We also was that anybody could weave these elements into their lives and get on the path to Mastering what they loved to do, to live into their calling, to fulfill their purpose. 

We found that the journey is one that requires a degree of support that is seldom found in companies or in the life of freelancers, contingent and temporary workers, and solo entrepreneurs. So we created the Mastery Wireframe, an app that helps travelers on the Mastery journey stay organized and motivated.  

We were finding that our clients just couldn't or wouldn't do things they knew would bring them success and fulfillment. Life happens!

We also invested in developing Coaching capabilities and to offer coaching as a stand alone and blended service. 

This led us to  incorporate learnings and tools from Columbia University's Coaching Certification Program to provide one-on-one coaching for people at all levels of the organization. 

We also found that our clients struggled getting their heads around the concept of "loving what you do," "following your calling," and "fulfill your purpose." When it was present, we were able to help our clients capitalized on their passion. But when is was obscured, people struggled asking "I just don't know will give my purpose."

Science and research has recently revealed a lot about the origins of Purpose. So we linked up with the leading researcher in the field, Imperative. Early in 2018, we became one of the first companies to receive their Purpose Coach Certification.  

Now we leverage Imperatives pioneering purpose research, methodologies to help our clients activate and strengthen their purpose. As a Certified Purpose Coach Certification we give our clients access to Imperative tools such as the Purpose Profile Assessment, an Enterprise Coaching Platform, and a Hiring Application. 



Stephen Graziani, CEO, Principal Consultant, Executive Coach


In 2016, Steve published Hack Mastery, a guide to true accomplishment and fulfillment in the Digital Age. His next book, For the Love of Sales, due mid-2018, is about the transformative of Purpose in a sales career.

His professional experience spans 35 years in the technology and IT staffing industries where he been a senior executive in the areas of sales, marketing, and delivery for pre-IPO start-ups, mid-size privately-held firms, and publicly-traded companies. During the course of his career, he has managed hundreds of professionals, met with thousands of hiring managers, and, with his teams, worked on over 100,000 job openings and more placed technologists more 13,000 contract and full-time positions.

His commitment helping others has shown up in stints he did as an adjunct professor with Golden Gate University and University of San Francisco School of Dentistry. In addition, he helped architect the industry certification for staffing professionals called, Certified Contingent Workforce Profession (CCWP), while he served with industry leaders on Staffing Industry Analysts Advisory Group (SIAAG.)

Education and Certifications

BS and MBA degrees from the University of San Francisco

Human Capital Strategist Certification, Human Capital Institute

Certified Contingent Workforce Professional (CCWP/SIA)

Certified Purpose Coach, Imperative

Columbia University Executive Coaching Certification

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Purpose, Mastery, Performance, Fulfillment